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November 8th, 2016

My number one objective is to continuously improve the quality of education and educational opportunities for the children of the district.  Secondly, I want to make sure all stakeholders in the district have their interests fairly represented.  All representatives and employees of the district must be held to a high standard of ethical and professional behavior.

The major problems in education facing us in the Sunnyside District are under-funding and under-expectations.  The under-funding will be with us for quite a while, as to a large part it is driven by the dismal economy.  It will be a battle to maintain critical funding until the economy has recovered to a state that the “luxuries” of education are funded, UNLESS we are able to educate the public and hence the elected officials that the only way to create a sustainable economy is through an educated population.  The under-expectations also need to be addressed and educated out of our collective mindset, within the district and throughout the state. Our children have as much potential as children in any other district in Arizona; our job is to help them achieve it.

The greatest strength of the district is our sense of community. We have great teachers, great students and much pride and dedication within the district.  I see it every time I go to a school.  I am proud to be a Sunnyside graduate. 

I support education on a personal level.  I have served as a board member and president of the Sunnyside Foundation.  I serve as parliamentarian of the board of the Sunnyside Alumni.   My Rotary Club (The Kino Rotary Club of South Tucson) donates dictionaries to the third graders in the district and Kinder Packs to some of the kindergartners of the district (I try to make it to all the presentations because it is so much fun and so gratifying).  I teach classes at NAU and for a professional society.  My first wife. Diane, taught math, mostly at at-risk schools until she died.  One of my daughters teaches middle school science.  I work as a science and/or rules judge at the annual Arizona Regional Science Bowl.   I am enthused and engaged in education.

My second wife, Ada Adams, and I met at Sunnyside Elementary School on Valencia road in the first grade.  We attended Sunnyside schools from the first through the twelfth grades.  She is also involved in the Learning Community Leaders, Sunnyside School District Alumni Association, and former Board member and past President of the Sunnyside Foundation.  She works with the Literacy for Life Coalition and the Sunnyside Neighborhood Literacy Zone.