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November 8th, 2016

Just some of those who Support & Endorse Buck Crouch

Sunnyside Education Association PAC (SEA-PAC)

Sunnyside Classified Employees Association (SCEA)

Bert Shure

Betty Stauffer

Chris Brown

Wesley Yandell

Hector Encinas

"It is without any reservation that Olivia and I give our support and endorsement to you and your campaign. In the short time that you have been on the school board, I have found you to be a truly dedicated individual, fair, honest and open minded. The decisions you have made have been based on your knowledge of the issues and what you determined is best for the school district, not on conjecture or personal opinion."
Hector and Olivia Encinas

Heidi Bacon

George Favela

Darrell Shane

David Cisiewski

David Stoner

Gene Holmerud

George Bidwell

James W. Winger

Javier Baca

Jessica D. Murillo

"We are strong believers in education and are aware of your success as part of the Sunnyside School Board."
Jessica D. Murillo
El Tingon Tire Shop

John Childs

Lauren Curzada Childs

Lou Taber

Louise Bidwell

Jennie Favela

Nancy Tom

Olivia Encinas

EMC William McNay

Patricia L. Anders

Phil Jemielita

Richard Fe Tom

Richard Sanchez

Robert A. Miranda

Robert M. Conner

Roger Baker

Valerie S. Lopez-Miranda

Warren Hatcher

Carle Blackwell

Anthony Zampello

"Buck Crouch and I worked together on a task force to create an agreement acceptable to over 250 individual chapters and the corporate headquarters of a major professional association. It was a very tough assignment, as you can imagine, with many different constituencies vying to be heard and satisfied. Buck has the knack of looking at the big picture and helping groups focus in on the true customer that needs to be satisfied. I have no doubt whatsoever that he makes, and will continue to make, a great contribution to the Sunnyside School Governing Board gathering together diverse opinions and views and helping create a consensus that is in the best interests of the CHILDREN ? our future!"
Anthony Zampellow,  CPIM, CSCP
Zampellow and Associates
If you would like to show your support Buck Crouch spread the word and Get Involved!