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  Sunnyside School Board "The Primary Focus of the Sunnyside School Board must be the Education of the Children of the District."


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November 8th, 2016

I have a strong passion for education within the Sunnyside Unified School District. I continuously work to improve education for all children in the district. I am a native of the district and a proud product of Sunnyside Elementary School, Sunnyside Junior High School, and Sunnyside High School.

I understand that to accomplish the primary goal - the education of our children - I must balance the needs of all stakeholders in a logical and fair manner. These stakeholders include the teachers, administrators, support staff, taxpayers, and the community. I have consistently built and developed strong, cohesive teams and am a supportive team player. I am a consensus builder with strong problem solving skills, and enjoy using them to develop win-win strategies for all stakeholders. My decisions are based upon facts, not conjecture or emotions.

The major problems in education facing us in the Sunnyside District are underfunding and under-expectations. The underfunding will be with us for quite awhile, as for a large part it is driven by the dismal economy. It will be a battle to maintain critical funding until the economy has recovered to a level that the "luxuries" of education are funded, unless we are able to educate the public, hence the elected officials, that the only way to create a sustainable economy is through an educated population.

The under-expectations also need to be addressed and educated out of our collective mindset, within the district and throughout the state. Our children have as much potential as children in any other district in Arizona; our job is to help them achieve it.

The greatest strength of the district is our sense of community and family. We have excellent teachers, fantastic students, pride for and dedication within the district. I see it every time I go to a school. I am proud to be a Sunnyside graduate.